3 Genius Outfit Ideas For Your Next Hot Date

3 Genius Outfit Ideas For Your Next Hot Date

August 08, 2016

Got an exciting date coming up soon? Great! While we’re absolutely sure you’re ready to charm her with your personality, we must remind you that what you wear is pretty important too. Not just for the traditional reasons — to seem presentable, and to make a good first impression — but also because you’ll be most comfortable and confident in your best clothes. But we’re not here to suggest that you stick to your Sunday best. It’s 2016! If you haven’t already, you should be switching things up by choosing more unconventional dates, which call for different styles of clothing. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

#1 : The Conventional-With-A-Twist

We get it: different, but not too out there. You’ve probably picked the hottest new jazz bar instead of the old candle-lit restaurant. This calls for an outfit that’s sharp and polished, but doesn’t scream “Mad Men”. Ditch the suit — it’s a date, not a business meeting! You don’t want to look too uptight or boring. Instead, pick a smart dinner jacket that you can throw on over a shirt and a pair of chinos. To take it a notch further, swap the shirt for a tee and you’d be flaunting some serious swag.

#2 : The Casual Get-To-Know-You

This is for the more intimate kind of date; one where you’re both trying out each other’s interests, or just hanging out for a good talk. Here, you want to give off a more warm-and-cosy vibe. Go for earthy colours on textured, layered pieces. For instance, you could start with your favourite pair of jeans and a comfortable solid-colored tee. Now layer that with a woolen or cotton cardigan — depending on the weather. If you’re spending the day out, don’t forget a scarf and a pair of sunglasses for that stylish edge.

#3: The Too-Cool-For-School

If you’ve planned to add a bit off fun and spontaneity to your date, this one’s for you. Here’s where you can show her who you really are, by wearing an item of clothing that’s very “you”. This could be your leather jacket or a Beatles t-shirt — whatever works! But wait. Don’t just throw on what you would wear to your buddy Dave’s place. You’ve gotta add just the right amount of quirkiness to an otherwise acceptable outfit. This means that if you’re going for a graphic tee, throw on a jacket to go with. If you’re thinking of a bright color or print, don’t go overboard; just pop would do.

And now, you're all set to have a spot-on first date. A few more tips to keep in mind: make sure you're all groomed: hair, beard, nails, etc and splash on just a little (and we mean little) cologne. Accessories are super important too (trust us, she notices) especially your wallet. Carry an Italian leather wallet to show her you're a man who cares about the details. Have a great night!

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