• Slim Profile With Maximum Storage
  • Premium Full-Grain Leather
  • Attractive, Eye-Catching Design With Rich Bold Color
  • Rugged Construction That's Water Resistant

The True Making Of A Man Is His Spirit Of Adventure

A cluttered life leads to a cluttered mind, and this is exactly why you are ruthless when it comes to trimming the metaphorical fat from your life. Some may call you a minimalist, but you see it as focusing on the things that make you happy while avoiding anything that distracts from living your life well.

The Baurdi Agent is a wallet for men who value efficiency and who hate clutter. Comfort is king, and once you try this wallet, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t throw your old one out earlier. This wallet is as thin as they get, but you’ll still be able to carry more than enough to live an extraordinary life.


  • Carry all of the essentials in the least amount of space possible
  • Force yourself to declutter and find what you need faster
  • Meticulous stitching makes this wallet last longer than others
  • Lush, supple leather will leave a lasting impression with onlookers


  • Full-grain leather
  • Bonded nylon thread with 8 stitches per inch and backtracking
  • 3 card slots that hold up to 3 cards each
  • 1 pocket for cards or folded cash
  • Width: 4 inches / 10 cm
  • Height: 2.75 inches / 7 cm


  • 100% full-grain, Italian pull-up leather
  • Premium, top-layer cowhide
  • Rich mocha color
  • Develops a superb patina over time

All Baurdi wallets feature a rugged, long-lasting construction that helps them stay looking great for longer than other wallets. The highlight of our wallets is the Italian leather, which is valued around the world for having unbeatable craftsmanship. This premium, full-grain leather is simply unmatched when it comes to durability and overall quality.

Durability isn’t just determined by the leather. A wallet is only as strong as the stitching that holds it together, and Baurdi wallets feature bonded nylon thread with 8 stitches per inch and backstitching at the ends. This is just a detailed way of saying that if you own one of these wallets, you won’t have to worry about it coming apart at the seams like so many lower quality options are known for doing.

Enjoy one of these wallets or share them as a gift. The classic designs convey a blend of traditional masculinity and impeccable style that make them a good addition to any man’s wardrobe. We’re so confident that you’ll love these wallets, they’re even backed by a 100% satisfaction lifetime warranty.