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The Meaning Of Baurdi

Hello! And a warm welcome to the Baurdi family!

My name is Brett and I am the founder of Baurdi. Around here, we are just that – family. And we believe there is nothing more important.

I created Baurdi because I like to look sharp and feel confident. I feel that the way we present ourselves visually is a stunningly accurate representation of who we are deep down inside.

The things we carry & wear convey our unique styles and personalities – perhaps more deeply than you may think. Compare two men - one dressed in sweats, carrying a ragged wallet and gas station shades – and another with nicely fitted clothes, carrying a fine leather wallet and wearing a brightly polished watch on his wrist and refined sunglasses on his head. Which are you more likely to take directions from? Take advice from? Learn from? Admire?...

That being said, the products you will find here at Baurdi are made with the highest quality materials available. They are crafted to a standard that will nobly convey who you are and what you stand for. Simply put, they are designed to make you look good.

Over the past few years, the family of Baurdi customers has grown into an awesome community of like-minded individuals. Conversation and feedback from members such as yourself help to shape and direct the future of Baurdi products! I invite you to please join in on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube! We share a lot of behind the scenes content about leather, business, and life in general. I would be thrilled to hear from you, or to see a photo of your Baurdi gear!

Until next time - Welcome to the family, take care, and be well!


Brett Ehresmann

4584 Meadows Ln
Moorhead, MN 56560